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What’s been your favorite place?…

Such an impossible question to answer! Most of my trips have been amazing in so many different ways. I couldn’t possibly give just one place on earth in one tiny time slot the title of “favorite” or “best”…so below is a compilation of my favorite experiences.

I believe timing and circumstance contribute a lot to an experience, which is one reason I’m hesitant to go to the same place more than once. I never want to go to a place with expectations of either knowing what it “should” be like or wanting to repeat certain experiences. Of course there have been a few repeats of countries, and even one experience I just had to do again: Black water rafting and caving with glow worms in New Zealand kind of begs to be done more than once.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus

The other common question: Where are you going next?

In absolutely no particular order, the best / most amazing / worth bragging about …

Best overall African safari ~ Tanzania & Botswana

Island kayaking and camping ~ Palau (way in 1st place), followed by Belize

Swimming with millions of sting-less jellyfish ~ Palau

Watching, up close and personal, wild mountain gorilla families ~ Rwanda

Cheetah watching  ~ Namibia CCF, Tanzania & Botswana
* my favorite animal

Lemurs singing ~ Madagascar

Feet nibbling fish (aka Dr Fish) ~ Greece

Table wine ~ Italy…everywhere

Amazing and different landscape ~ Meteora, Greece & Plitvice National Park, Croatia & Cappadocia, Turkey

Hearing daily prayers ~ Istanbul

Big cities ~ Florence, Auckland, Istanbul, Melbourne & Singapore
* I generally don’t like the big cities. I get in, see what needs to be seen, and get out. These I liked.
Surprisingly interesting big city ~ Cape Town, South Africa
Blackwater rafting and glow worms ~ Waitomo, New Zealand
Wild platypus ‘safari’ ~ Forrest, Australia
Sunrise with hundreds of hot air balloons ~ Cappadocia, Turkey
Through hike ~ Coast to Coast in England & West Highland Way



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